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Persistence and quitting

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Quitting somehow bears a negative connotation with it.

That when you quit, you are weak, demotivated, or lacking in the hope that things will get better. That all you need is to push a little more, and hopefully, you’ll be able to break down the wall.

But what if there’s no wall in the path you chose to take. What if it’s really a dead end. And that the more you push forward, the more you waste your precious time and strength.

If that’s the case, how should we go about it?

Be persistent but quit when it makes sense.

But sometimes, you decide not to quit even if it makes sense because you have already invested so much into the choice you made. And this is a problem.

I wrote that sunk cost is the idea that what you have decided or spent in the past cannot be recovered from a previous post. You can go and check the full post here.

Another problem I see why people don’t quit when it makes sense is that they have too much optimism. Often, too much optimism is dangerous. Why? Because you become blinded to what’s real.

This is not about quitting on the things that you pray about for miracles.

This is about quitting on things when quitting makes the most sense. When quitting makes you do better things. When quitting makes you better.

And it takes a lot of wisdom to know when to quit.

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