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Letter No. 7

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Dear reader from the future,

I wonder if CubeSats (or cube satellites) are as common as mobile phones in your time.

The first time I heard about CubeSats was when I took my specialization in Futures Thinking at Coursera. I am not sure if Coursera is still the same by the time you’re reading this, but I might as well try attaching its link here.

I brought up CubeSats because my home country, the Philippines, launched its second CubeSat four days ago. More about it here.

From this report, the market for CubeSats is seen to grow. Are there swarms of CubeSats already in your time? But what about space debris? Is it a significant issue that remains to be addressed or not?

At present, I may have many questions, but time will tell where we’re heading as a people.

Your letter writer from the past,

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