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Addicted to stats

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Since mobile devices are almost always with you, it became easy to check your stats from time to time. You want to be updated with how many people reacted or commented on your social media post and how many page views or site visits you received.

You might have even espoused the idea that high numbers mean good work and that high engagement means worth.

Your gut feel tells you that attachment to stats negatively affects you, like spending so much time monitoring it that you end up doing nothing throughout the day. Yes, you simply enjoy seeing the numbers go up, and you want to keep them that way. And you end up spending more time checking your reach and conversion rate. And as your focus shifts to saturating your presence online, you begin to forget what is essential — the work you do (or even the life you live).

Wake up and check stats. Check stats, then sleep. Repeat.

But you know that merely checking the stats won’t change anything unless you do the work that needs to be done.

It doesn’t matter how many shares, comments, or views you received in the day. What matters is the lives that have been touched and changed by the work you do. So if you have been addicted to stats lately, it’s time to change your focus from the numbers game to the real work that changes lives.

Drip by drip, continue to do your work. Because your consistency will help you become better in whatever you do, be it writing a blog post like this or something else. Even there will be just one reader or viewer on the other side of the screen, that’s still a person worth writing or doing the work for.

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