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Jesus, sacrifice and atonement

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Some highlights from the video:

The Bible tells us that Jesus's death was an atoning sacrifice for us.

The New Testament makes this powerful claim that Jesus's death was not final; he rose from the dead. And so he's the sacrifice who broke the power of death and evil which means that he lives on to offer his life to anyone who accept it. He is the perfect sacrifice to which all the previous sacrifices were pointing all along.

The early Christians stopped participating in the ritual animal sacrifice. But Jesus gave his followers new rituals to perform: water baptism and 

1. Baptism - Just as Jesus died, so going into the water becomes this personal connection you now have to his death. And in coming out of the water, you come back to life with Jesus. Baptism is the sacred ritual that joins your story to Jesus's death and resurrection.

2. Lord's supper - A reenactment of Jesus's last meal with his disciples and he used bread and wine to portray his coming death as a sacrifice. So now, Jesus's followers take the bread and the cup regularly to remember and to participate in the power of Jesus's death and resurrection.

These rituals connect us to a new life source. The very power that brought Jesus back from the dead is the same power that can deal with the evil in our own lives and transform us into people who lead lives of love and peace.

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