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Letter No. 6

Written in


Dear reader from the future,

Two of our cats died this week, one of which is still a kitten.

We don’t know what exactly got them, but the vet said that the symptoms indicated a viral infection. With the sickness looming around and another two cats seem to catch it, we know that we don’t have much time to lose.

Without knowing which pharmacy is still open despite the city curfew, we decided to give it a try. We understand that not buying the antibiotics might mean the death of more cats. For about 20 minutes drive and almost 20 pharmacies after, we found one (the last one) with the drug we’ve been looking for.

You might ask, “You have a city curfew?” Yes, that’s right, we do. I am actually writing this with COVID-19 beginning its second year; the pandemic has now evolved with a new face (strain).

Right after getting home, we had all the cats take the antibiotic. However, to our dismay, we cannot find Maui, the cat who appeared to be the sickest of them all. My sister’s perseverance to find Maui led us to roam around the house around nine o’clock in the evening about two times. Looking into the nooks and crannies, we never saw him.

As we were about to give up, heading our way back to the house, Maui showed up (as weak as ever) by climbing down the plank of woods that were leaning against our wall. This gave us the opportunity to give him the antibiotic.

Amazed with everything that happened, I cannot stop thinking that if only we have given up early, we’ll never get the antibiotics, and we’ll never find Maui.

Indeed, those who seek, find.

P.S.: Maui died in the morning. So let’s make the most of our time with those we love. Life is short.

Your letter writer from the past,

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