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Letter No. 5

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Dear reader from the future,

As the year turned to the next, it felt as if we were expecting a grand change: from a story of despair to that of redemption.

If you haven’t heard about Covid-19, it has become a pandemic that quieted the metro’s busy streets. I never thought about a peaceful and less stressful trip around the urban center until the virus shut almost everything in the world.

Wearing masks and face shields, temperature checks, and scanning QR codes have become the norm here in my homeland. Yes, my identity came down to a pattern computers can understand and identify as my own.

Sometimes, I miss going out freely, a hassle-free life.

This is still the first month of the year 2021. There’s still more in store for us.

On a side note, a new strain of the virus is emerging. The feeling is the same where rumors of Covid-19, which was called 2019-nCoV then, were still spreading across the globe.

Regardless of the facts, I hold on to God’s promises in Psalm 91.

Your letter writer from the past,

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