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Stacks of mistakes

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When mistakes pile up, it’s quite challenging to solve them at once (especially when your integrity is at stake or facing a tight deadline).

Here are the things some (if not most) of us do:

  1. Let them stack up and crumble on their own, dragging you with them (because it’s paralyzing to think about solving them)
  2. Think about how to solve them (and be paralyzed in the process) then do nothing
  3. Think about how to solve them one by one (starting at the most doable)
  4. Begin solving the one with the most impact
  5. Just let them pile up (because you’ve got nothing to lose anymore)

And yes, the list may not make sense to you because it’s the wrong list or something is missing. You may say that it’s a mistake even to try to write about it.

Maybe it is, but sometimes, it makes a difference when you write them down and give them names. In this way, you make your mistakes tangible. Because abstract things are evitable, but those you make more real becomes unavoidable.

Acknowledge your mistakes, and don’t just move on; do something about them.

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