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Isolation, alienation

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Going home in the time of COVID 19 is challenging. How so? You are required to obey rules that are sometimes absent in so many places that need them the most.

Say an airport, for example.

Depends on what airport you depart from and arrive in: either of them, both, or none of them see to it that they abide by social distancing rules.

I have also seen different local government units handle the situation in terms of escorting locally stranded individuals in various ways. While some are more serious in disinfecting baggage and people, some are way too lax.

But the next challenging thing is how the individuals cope with the isolation and alienation by the time they reach home. With quarantine as a requirement, it also means that all regular human interactions like embracing and simply sharing a meal with your family are removed for a time.

You’re right. Better to be safe than sorry.

So to those who need to undergo quarantine, just look ahead and start counting off days. This too shall pass, and you’ll be with your families again.

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