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Bad attitudes and pointing fingers

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It’s easy to call out other people about their bad attitudes while having bad attitudes yourself. And you may even tell other people how horrible they are without seeing yourself as terrible at par.

I had this encounter with a man one time who is openly proud of his brashness and lack of self-control. He candidly pointed out how terrible other people are while he played the victim. He led himself to believe that it’s okay not to filter your thoughts and speech in the name of being frank. That it’s okay to shout at people and insult them in front of everyone else. That it’s okay to put your own ego atop of everybody else.

I wonder why such people cannot see how foolish they actually look. And why can’t they know that they are not only hurting other people, but they are also hurting themselves?

Then while I was taking my class in Writing and Editing: Drafting, Professor Patrick Barry of the University of Michigan talked about drafting, and I quote:

It’s hard to fix mistakes you don’t see.

He may be talking about writing, but it also resonates with people who point fingers and are also guilty of their charge.

Maybe that man I witnessed was okay about his inappropriate demeanor because he doesn’t see how plainly bad it was.

And if you came across these kinds of people, you may tag them as irate and irrational beings. Maybe they are. But it takes a brave soul like you to give them a mirror and let them see who they really are.

But when you do, do it with love. And as a Christian, stop pointing fingers. Instead, point them to Jesus.