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Why you should have a cat

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Just by looking at our cat Coco, you’ll know that she is the mischievous kind. But she’s not always that. Like most cats, she knows how to be sweet when she needs something.

And it’s always about private space with Coco. The fun part is, you don’t know where the boundaries are. She doesn’t even make it clear. A bite here and a scratch there, that’s the best she can do to communicate that you’ve gone too far.

On some occasions, she will just jump at you out of nowhere. And then bites you. So much for being playful.

I still like Coco because of her consistency and reliability with all the oddities that seem natural for a cat. Even she has that (kind of annoying) attitude, you don’t have to worry if she’ll be gone the next day. She’ll always be there.

Our pets stay outside the house during the evenings, by the way. That’s just how it is with us. But during the day, you will find Coco somewhere in the house, sleeping. If not, she’s outside at her best spots, sleeping. Else, she’s out hunting.

Isn’t it nice to have a cat?

Here are some reasons why you should have a cat:

  1. They are not always upbeat. So if you are the type of person who does not want to expend energy but still get the furry fun, cats might be for you.
  2. It’s their timing, not yours. Most cats do their own thing. If they want to be cuddled, they will let you know. If not, they will let you know too. So if you like this kind of independence, then you might want to have cats in your home.
  3. They are often unpredictable. If you like surprises, then a cat might be for you. They may be surprising, but the moment you two sync, you’ll be best buddies.
  4. They are demanding. When you want a housemate with an attitude, go have a cat. They’re always vocal whenever they are hungry.

And I guess you need to learn to just let them be a cat. That’s where the fun is.

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