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A week without a plan

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Since I learned about making to-do lists, I made it a habit and a standard of my week. However, this one time, I decided to let the week pass me by.

Do you know what happened next?

Without any definite plans, I coursed through a whole work week and a weekend blank and more tired than ever.

From that weeklong experiment, here’s what I learned when you don’t have any plans at all:

  1. You have all the reasons to stay in your bed until noon.
  2. It’s easy to scroll hours in social media.
  3. You can easily browse from one YouTube video to the next until it’s already 3 AM, and you’re starting to find yourself watching conspiracy theories. (You won’t remember how you got there.)
  4. It gets harder to focus on the things you ought to finish for the week due to a lack of direction, motivation, and drive.
  5. Days seem to blur, and you won’t have that sense of fulfillment you get every time you finish something worth your time.

So, if you can relate to the things I just said, well, you must’ve lacked some planning.

And imagine, that’s just one week! What if you don’t have any life plans at all? How lost you must have felt.

Here are some tips on how to start the momentum of weekly planning:

  1. Start with making a list. Conventional or digital, your call.
  2. The list should contain all the things you want to accomplish within that week.
  3. They must be realistic and achievable within the period.
  4. And they must be things you feel good about. You say, “What about work?” Well, you won’t be so happy if you don’t get to eat because you’re too lazy to work, will you?

And of course, you need to know the difference between urgent, important, and the combination of the two. Check out this good read.

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