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Going someplace

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Sometimes, when you feel like you are starting to become an unfeeling cog in the system, your mind wanders.

And when your mind wanders, you lose clarity on what’s ahead. You also begin to disassociate yourself from the physical and travel back to the fun times. All the good memories start to reel in as if on cue. “If only I can stop working in this boring job, I could’ve had fun someplace better.” And the more you think about such things, you are somehow convinced that you are better off someplace than where you are now.

Often, they evolve into resentment, when you realize that you are still staring in front of your computer screen, typing numbers you hardly understand.

But I hope that you understand, when you are at work, it’s peaks and valleys. There are simply downtimes where you feel like what you are doing isn’t as fun as you hope. Not all work is fun, you see. However, you can change your narrative.

Instead of looking back into your past holidays, you must look forward to the new ones.

Keep on looking ahead.

Because the thing about looking back is, you might be given a chance to go back. And going back sometimes also means going backward.

If you want to go someplace, I hope you choose forward.

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