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Who do you want to be in the next five years?

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You may say that the last time you encountered this question is during your job interview. But, I think that you should ask yourself this question from time to time.

During one of our project discussions on energy cost projections, our immediate supervisor told us that we need to study more about the energy landscape to deliver the work. Then he added that if we do so, we’ll eventually become experts too.

But what really impressed me during that conversation was when he encouraged us to ask ourselves whether what we’re doing is the kind of work we want to do or not. That we should ask ourselves if we want to become a writer, a painter, or someone who plays guitar.

What if this is the track we want to pursue?” I asked.

He replied, “Then you must put your heart into it and put in the work.

Then he dismissed us so he could catch up with his guitar lessons.

If I am to ask myself who I really want to be, then I’d say, I want to be someone who does art and, at the same time, who does work that pays the bills.

So if I were to ask you who do you want to be in the next five years, what would your answer be?

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