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The people you meet for a season

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This photo does not matter anything to you, of course. Why would it?

But I can tell you something about this photo.

These young people came from different backgrounds and reasons and met at a certain point in their lives where they all got to start a journey together.

The thing about journeys is, not all of you finish the same way.

I do not know where some of them are now. And the same goes for all the people you’ve come to know in your lifetime. You do not know where everybody is anymore. But you, you kept on moving forward.

That’s what matters. You must keep on moving forward.

But you must not also forget now. In everything you do now, you must make sure that your work gives value to people. Because people come and go, and they’ll remember you as the person, they met long ago.

I hope you are remembered as a blessing.

Be a blessing.

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