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I am Jessa, and yes, that’s right. I’m the woman behind the blog.

This site is a collection of stories and daily musings meant to make you think about things and experiences in life, with hopes to compel you to do something about them and make you better, one post at a time.

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Equally important

How to deal with equally important tasks? Sort them based on urgency. And if you have to choose between two equally important tasks but can only attend to one (because, of course, you can only attend to one at a time), delegate somebody who could properly represent you. The last thing you want to happen is to…

Sowing seeds of generosity

Once you understand that being generous is not like a zero-sum game, but rather, like sowing seeds generously, a day will eventually come when you’ll experience how your generosity grows. Generosity is a gift that keeps on giving.

Doing extra

If you treat your work with disinterest and lack of dedication, it becomes difficult for you to empathize with people, especially when you do work that requires you to interact with the people you seek to serve. Because doing extra, like working with empathy, is something that the job usually doesn’t really pay for. So…

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About Me

Hi, I am Jessa. I have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (2016) and a master’s degree in energy engineering (2019). Despite all these achievements, I am still trying to make out my own map. I do more than just follow what I am being told, and I also commit to lifelong learning.  Read more

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