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I couldn’t emphasize more my dedication towards lifelong learning. Check out the certifications I gained throughout the years.

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Writing and Editing: Drafting

What I learned:

  1. The cost of perfectionism in writing
  2. Identify summaries and scenes
  3. Conduct a “pre-mortem” before starting a writing draft
  4. Apply the “nothing else” and “need to know” principles

Increase SEO Traffic with WordPress

What I learned:

  1. Update website for search engine optimization
  2. Edit headings, permalinks, and visibility
  3. Edit webpage content, links, and images

Financial Planning for Young Adults (In Progress)

Upon successful completion of the course, I will be able to:

  1. Determine and set personal financial goals.
  2. Understand the importance and implement the process of personal budgeting.
  3. Understand the importance of and overcome barriers to successful savings strategies.
  4. Understand the basic concept of time value of money.
  5. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing and the use of credit.
  6. Understand and be aware of common investment terminology and strategies.
  7. Discuss the role and importance of risk management from a personal finance perspective.
  8. Discuss the role and responsibilities associated with financial planning as a career.