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Hello! I am Jessa.

I am a follower of Jesus and a part of a Bible-believing church.

I’ve also spent 19 years of my life inside the invisible walls of academia. Now, I have to face the realities of life after school.

What did I do in those 19 years? I spent the latter five of those to get my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, and another two for my master’s degree in energy engineering.

What about now?

I am engaged with research work particularly on renewable hybrids, microgrids, and DERs.

I also commit myself to lifelong learning. Here are some of the specializations and classes I took over the years. You can check out my certifications here.

Let’s learn and make something new every day.

Meanwhile, on the web:

This is my first published academic paper. I presented it at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, and here’s my paper presentation certificate. You can also read my international conference journey here.

I co-wrote this with my boyfriend, Kenneth Daniel.

You can find more about my professional background here.

I enjoy talking in front of a crowd, and some of them look like this.

I also participated in video projects at church, and you can find a compilation here.

This is my podcast.

I started my blogging journey in 2014 under this platform. Here lies the grave of my previous site address (2014-2018).

Since 2019, I wrote 100+ blog posts here.

And I do freelancing jobs too! If you’re looking for an editor or proofreader for your WordPress blog posts, thesis, or other writing, check my profile here.