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Being a one-hit-wonder could make you feel good or bad about yourself, depending on what perspective you choose to stand.

If making a hit is the only thing that keeps you working, then it may not sustain you in the long run because you might find it challenging to replicate your initial success. And if it’s the only thing that drives you, disappointments are just waiting at your door. You may even park on it, like sitting on your laurel, and stop creating new things altogether. If that’s the route you’re taking, you may find your way to oblivion. Just a one-hit-wonder.

Another way to deal with one-time hits is to consistently produce content, regardless of getting a hit or not. Like a supermarket, you just work day in and out, serving the people who expect you to be there whenever they need you. Because often, consistency is what sustains you in what you’re doing. Hits are just a cherry on top of your labor.

Speaking of one-time hits, this is the most-visited post on my blog. At the time, I never thought it would be different from my other blog posts. Special thanks to Seth Godin for talking so much about the long tail; I never worry about not getting hits. I understand that my blog posts may not be valuable for most people, but they are valuable to some who are glad that I show up every day, including you.

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