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When a job ends

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I am in a time when people can go in and out of jobs. Not because people quit from their jobs but because the job is already done; a project-based job. Once the project already accomplished its commitments, then it is considered a job well done. And that also means that the people who worked on the project have to go their separate ways, especially when there is no upcoming project to house them in.

And working in a project-based job has its rewards and downsides.

Let’s begin with the downsides.

Because projects have a definite beginning and end, it doesn’t provide the security a regular job does. I think this is the primary downside, followed by a lack of employer-employee relationships and employment benefits.

The rewards often come in the form of flexibility, autonomy, and premium pay.

And when a job ends, it’s never personal.

So if you are confident about what you can offer, in and out of the project, then it wouldn’t be a problem for you when the project ends. Because you don’t define yourself with a job post or a job title. You are what you do.

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