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The hype is over

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Remember when essential oils were the talk of our inner circles? People we know used to tell others how it makes their everyday lives a little extra, compelling us to buy sets of the products they use. Many of my friends jumped into the hype and became a believer. Of course, it’s natural that when something makes you feel happy, you can’t help but share it with others, hoping it will make them happy too. So they keep talking about it until no one is talking about it anymore.

I can’t remember when the buzz about essential oils started to wane. And like every breaking news, they entered with a scene, and then people moved on.

And one of them joined a Facebook page where people declutter stuff, hoping that somebody else in the virtual world might be interested enough to take their stuff: lots and lots of essential oils.

So I told myself that the hype was over after seeing how this person was willing to sell away her essential oils, which used to be so cool if you had lots of them. But of course, the hype has long been gone, but I never really paid attention.

And we thought that hyping things up was what makes something retainable. But no. 

What I learned from blogging daily is this: hype lasts for a while, like all breaking news do. But after that, sheer work remains, showing up every day until someone looking for you is glad you’re there.

If you think you’re adding value with the work you do or the product you sell, I hope you remain even when the hype has long been dead.