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The online people

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We used to meet people face to face. So scheduling a meeting with them is location and time-bound.

But now, we can talk to people from different places anytime, all day long, without leaving where we are.

While I try to remember what it feels like to talk to people face to face, here’s the difference when we meet them online:

  • All interaction happens only in the mind, without other visual cues of how they respond to every word you say.
  • Talking with people online doesn’t feel as refreshing as when meeting them face to face. They often feel exhausting and cause me terrible eye strain after looking at the white screen for so many hours.
  • It’s so convenient to talk to different people from different locations in one day. And it’s nice to talk to them even online. But it would still be best to catch up with them face to face to see them as human beings, not electronic characters in our heads.

Online people will eventually become real people in our heads once we see them face to face.

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