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When is enough, enough?

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Since we were young, TV ads taught us that having the latest toys would make us happy (just look at those smiling faces of children holding the newest toy in their collection).

I want to feel the way those kids feel. So I should tell mom and dad they are buying me that toy.

For some whose parents can afford to buy them the things they ask for, these same children would indeed feel happy. But then that feeling of happiness dies out the next time a new toy in the collection arrives.

I want to have the latest toy in the collection because it’s so cool, and it makes those children on TV very happy. I need it to be happy.

We were primed that having more stuff makes us happy.

So when we finally started getting paychecks, we told ourselves a story about how buying stuff soothes and pacifies the thrill of acquiring something new. And in the pursuit of more, we try to find more ways to get more money to maintain the lifestyle we created.

But when to stop doing this rat race?

What really makes a person happy?

If you just list down all the things that made you happy, you’d be surprised that the first on your list wouldn’t be a thing.

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