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Little room for imagination

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When we lack sleep, we can’t think well outside the things that need to be accomplished within a specific timeframe. And so we operate like machines: do this, do that, repeat. A cycle that becomes monotonous and even makes your mind atrophy.

And the more you become a mindless cog in a system, one who doesn’t think about making better things to make things better makes the job a chore. And a chore doesn’t often give anybody joy but remorse. Isn’t there something more in this short life?

All that is because you simply lack sleep.

When you sleep less, as if the ability to function without much sleep is a superpower and something to brag about, you end up becoming someone who lacks imagination. Your mind is now filled with unflushed waste from days before, and there’s little room left for imagination, for creativity.

And when you settle for becoming less creative, you end up making mediocre things, thinking that second best is enough.