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Too coward to confront (professionally)

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If you are firm with what you want to say, then it wouldn’t be that difficult to say what you mean. Because your confidence comes from the clarity of what you want to express.

But because of your fear of confrontation, your cowardly self stands up and says things that you don’t really mean — exactly quite the opposite of what you really want to say. So, deep inside, you mumble. And if you lack self-control, you end up saying out loud the things that are bubbling up inside your head.

If you are not careful enough, you’d be too loud to be heard by the one you just told, “It’s okay,” when it’s really not okay.

And that’s when you become unprofessional.

You should’ve braved it out when you had the chance to say what’s in your heart instead of risking yourself looking stupid, apathetic, and unprofessional.