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Learning how to sift through the noise

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Aside from the noise inside your head, you hear many things from people you don’t have control over: unwelcome comments, especially snide remarks, probably hit the hardest.

And there’s a saying that you cannot please everyone, right?

But doesn’t it supposed to have a second half telling us what to do when we cannot please everybody?

It’s just fascinating that no matter what you do and how much it already costs you, people always have a say, even when you do not ask for them! They can even sound dispassionately displeased and appear satisfied by their complaints as if complaining is the end goal.

You could say that a good course to take is removing yourself from the environment where people don’t have a filter in their heads and control over their mouths. Good idea! But unrealistic. Why? Because sometimes, the loudest noise could come from your inner circle, the same space you cannot simply go bye-bye just because you can’t take it anymore.

So what should you do?

You must learn to sift through the noise for your sanity’s sake. See them as human, like you are, then hear them out. Listen to their fears and inferiority talking, but only chew the meat and throw the bones. Understand where they are coming from.

You don’t have to respond to them the way they hope you would, like imbibe the fear already eating them up, consuming them from within. You don’t have to react. You don’t even have to take action based on their fears.

Instead, remember why you are where you are in the first place. What was your plan, your goal?

By reminding yourself of your purpose, you won’t be easily swayed by the noise surrounding and bombarding you. By focusing on what matters, you can tune out from whatever others say (such as unhelpful remarks) and tune in to what you’re supposed to be doing, which is to finish what you’ve started.

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