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From concept to implementation

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People remember the promises you gave.

And people want them now.

Because in this world we live in, getting things RIGHT NOW always seems the best.

But where is the room for careful and deep thinking?

It’s one way to conceptualize things and be optimistic about how they will unfold and another to implement them and see shortcomings you’ve never noticed before. Can you control every mind around you? Perhaps you wish you do. But it’s near to impossible.

Yes, you can persuade people. But you cannot control them down to their most instinctive reactions.

And people are afraid of the unknown. They could easily bombard you with their fears, hoping they get so contagious that you feel it with them too. But no. Fear leads you nowhere. Fear only immobilizes. Fear keeps you moving from concept to implementation.

So what should you do?

Since you cannot keep people from reacting out of their limbic systems, you can hear them out. Once you understand their fear, help them embody the system you’re trying to implement: Here’s what we can do.

And as you start to lay out your plans and get them involved, their rational brain begins to think, perhaps silencing the noise in their heads even for a time.

Leading them back to the plan may be difficult, especially when dealing with people filled with so much fear. But it’s worth trying.

At least that’s what I hope.

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