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Living for others

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Isn’t it easy to live for yourself?

Not thinking about others but yourself seems to be the path of least resistance. Because you understand you. And you are willing to forgive the things that feel unforgivable about yourself.

If you only think about yourself, it’s easy to find all the excuses to sleep in and sleep more. Being responsible can wait for another day.

But thinking about others? It gets you out of bed. It pushes you to do things that may be inconvenient for you but rewarding for them.

And when you start to live by living for others, it gets easier for you to be in motion and find meaning and purpose. Because when you stop living inside your head and start to think about how human everyone around you is, you begin to see things you won’t normally do.

Having your eyes opened to all the things you were oblivious to before opens up more opportunities to love and care for, even those you never thought worthy of being loved. Because it’s not about you anymore. It’s never been about you.

When you start to live for others, you begin to live like the person you’re supposed to be.