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Ideas and making things happen

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If you’ve participated in meetings where everyone, or at least most of all who participated in the discussion, has a lot of things to say. But what happens most of the time is that only a few are brave enough to speak up and say something.

When only a few voices are heard, the concentration of ideas only flows from this small group, while the rest secretly agree or roll their eyes (here we go again) over the endless sharing of ideas. When will this meeting ever adjourn?

But if the meeting received the right questions, it might be enough for the others to at least agree or disagree about something. However, it takes a person to stand up and say, “From everything we have discussed, here’s what we can do.”

And I think consolidating ideas and converting them into actionable steps is a skill.

It’s fairly easy to talk about our idea. We have a lot of them.

But it takes keen observation and critical thinking to actually make them happen.

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