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Wanting to stay the same way

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At work, we’ve been trained to be flexible enough with changes, nothing personal.

And if the change makes things easier for everyone involved, especially those with higher stakes, then change sounds like the most rational way to go.

But not everyone has the same mind about how things should go.

While others quickly move on to the next viable alternative, some linger on what they’ve gotten used to. And because of the familiarity, they start becoming so sentimental about it. They just want to stay the same way, no matter the cost.

And it would be tough to convince them that across the river is better, especially when you want them to cross it. Also, it’s frightening to know what dangers a river might hold. So, they stay, and you move on.

But you know what? Eventually, they’ll get used to the new thing, especially when they see that you are okay.

And as their familiarity grows until the new becomes the usual or the regular way of doing things, they’ll finally catch up and adapt.

Until then, they would only want to stay the same way.

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