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The friendships we unexpectedly create

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Maybe you lament how futile it is to make friends only to part ways later once your engagement with them (in the form of studies, work, or something else entirely) is done. You may be thinking, “What’s the point?

Is it really worth fostering friendships in engagements you know would only last while it is convenient?

But when you make the most of the opportunity of making friends with another person you just met, perhaps at a conference or a party, that moment of contact would become like a seed planted, which grows in ways you would only notice at the second meeting.

If there would be a second meeting,” you say.

That’s the thing, right? You wouldn’t know if you’d ever get the chance to meet again until the next opportunity comes and when you least expect it. And as your circle begins to overlap because of the life choices you make, drip by drip, you’d surely be grateful to make the most of that first meeting, even when you were unsure yet if it would ever last.

My fiancé and I celebrated our friend’s birthday at his house today. We became friends because we were generous enough with our friendship at first contact without expecting in return. And our circles kept overlapping, that the only way left was to grow that friendship.

We took the risk and planted a seed. And now it keeps growing.