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When a moment passes by

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When a moment passes, it passes quickly.

But it could feel as if the time is at a pause, and all you think of is the serenity of the moment you’re in. The noise and motion of the whirling movements around you are like a blur at your periphery. It feels peaceful and quiet.

Your mind is in a heightened state of awareness, trying to register only the details that matter to you while neglecting all the rest.

You become deaf to the external noise as you hear your heart pounding and feel the excitement rising.

And then the moment passes, pulling you back to where you’ve been all along.

And as you hear the noise back, more apparent than they were moments before, you begin to realize how fleeting a moment is before it becomes a journey.

It could be tempting to just stay in the moment forever.

But the journey will eventually begin, urging you to start what you’re supposed to do.

You may enjoy an event but never dwell there as if it’s the only thing you can have; you’re supposed to go on a journey.

Life is a journey.