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Excuses to underdeliver

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Isn’t it easy to commit to things that are not yet happening?

Say, for example, blocking a schedule in the future.

When people ask you if you’re willing to commit to X amount of time 6 months from now, you could quickly respond with a yes, especially when your planner says you’re still free by then.

With enough future commitments, you’d be surprised by how much you overestimated your future self.

You think that doing so many things with so little interval between them wouldn’t be tiring that you’d desire a breather, but you would.

Eventually, you would desire a quick break between commitments six months from now.

And it’s even easy to mix priorities when they are still far off into the future as if rearranging them later would be forgivable.

Sometimes, rearranging prior commitments would mean underdelivering in other tasks and making your other obligations an excuse.

I was so busy with full-time work that my part-time job could be on the sidelines (this week only).

But no, your part-time employer wouldn’t understand because you said you would deliver six months ago.

So you should.

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