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Tabletop games and how they bring people together

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I’m still three decades into this lifetime, but I felt too old for tabletop games.

Like, who makes time for playing tabletop games these days?

Snakes and Ladders seemed to be the most awesome game ever when we were kids! Until we learned to move on to board games like scrabble, change friends, and eventually grow out of physical board games and into digital games.

But today, I never thought playing tabletop games (Ultimate Werewolf and Exploding Kittens) with the right crowd could be as fun as my childhood.

Perhaps, everyone was really up for the game, and it was full of excitement from start to end. We couldn’t even stop talking about it!

After hours of playing together, here’s what I learned:

  1. Playing these strategy games lets you know how other people play by the rules or even around them.
  2. You get a glimpse of what they’re like as a person that regular interactions would never show.
  3. There is joy in working together.

Just writing about this makes me remember all the laughter we shared.

We’ll never be too old playing games, do we?