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Brain on vacation mode

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It’s that last day of work before vacation, and you’re probably feeling like on vacation mode already.

But if you’re like me, with nothing to look forward to over the long weekend, you tend to even work overtime. Because we feel like if we don’t cover as much ground before vacation, we might lose the momentum of what we’re trying to build and end up wondering how to get back to working again.

I like long weekends!


Because they become a legitimate excuse to have rest, yes, without guilt.

However, if you are alone in a small space and living an hour’s flight away from family, you don’t have much of many options to do for the weekend. Especially if you don’t want to spend anything because there’s not much to spend in the first place.

So, yes.

I find myself working long hours today, squeezing what’s left of my juice.

And like Cinderella on cue, when the clock strikes twelve, I’m done.

I’m now on vacation.

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