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On cravings and satisfaction

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When what you really want requires you to exert more effort than just choosing the alternative, it may be too tempting to settle for less.

And there have been moments where I settled for less just because I could not wait.

Have you ever done the same?

And how did it feel afterward?

Often, regret comes in waves.

So you try to console yourself after committing the mistake of settling for less.

At least I know better now.

But what if you decided to wait, like delaying the gratification, waiting for the right timing to have what you really want.

How did it feel once your craving or desire was satisfied?

And can you imagine how mentally exhausting it is to delay gratification, where you push yourself to be distracted with other things except what you desire the most?

But once that desire is satisfied, a deep sense of gratitude washes you like a relief.

And now you’re happy.

Joyful even.

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