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Differences between different groups of humans

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When I was younger and detached from the rest of the world (because the internet was only a thing for the wealthy back then), I dreamed about talking to different people worldwide.

Now, it is my reality.

How? By continually seeking to be part of global communities where we share common goals in life (like futures thinking and decarbonization).

And all that has become possible, thanks to the internet.

It fascinates me to talk to people of different colors (of course, I enjoy talking to Asians, too) because it makes me feel like I am traveling across cultures without really leaving the place where I am standing. Do you get what I mean?

It’s all fun when you are following the same train of thought. But when the nuances of language get in the way, it’s challenging to see through the racial differences.

I even wonder what annoyance or anger looks like for other people who don’t look and talk like me.

At the same time, when humor is shared between different groups of people, it’s amazing to think about all the things we share as humans.

We are all human.