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Moving on from past successes

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As I ruminate on my past successes, I am haunted by what got you here won’t get you there idea. And it’s true. We must keep improving at what we do, creating new things, and acquiring new skills we’ve never done before so we can progress.

However, when we are so preoccupied with the has been that we lose focus on what it means to create, then we coast.

And it’s really tempting to just coast in life, thinking that what got you here will take you there. I’ve even met people who decided to coast; they know they shouldn’t, but they did anyway. Because to coast is the path of least resistance.

It’s even easier to coast when you receive a regular cash flow.

But when that’s gone, who are you?

You might even find yourself in a situation where you feel that you are neither here nor there. And so you stop being altogether. But then again, to be in a stupor is the path of least resistance.

To push forward and create something new takes a lot of hard work, where you spend time and effort learning and relearning until you become an updated version of yourself.

Even a computer software constantly releases updates.

So don’t allow yourself to coast or regress. Instead, move on from your past successes and create new ones.