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The gift of wandering on a work week

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Unlike most people I know, I have the liberty of time at work because we are task-based and not time-based. And this is one of the days when we work and simultaneously be in the moment of being a human, enjoying the place and the people.

Spending a few days at Hotel Kimberly for our Project Planning was really immersive. And with all the amenities we enjoyed, we also engaged with one another at a new level, allowing us to see each other as human beings and not as a cog in the workplace.

Perhaps, these are why I like working in project-based roles: the liberty to enjoy the autonomy of delivering your work at your own pace and the trust that you are responsible enough to be accountable for your work.

Yes, job security may be an issue, unlike having regular work with an eight-hour commitment, but I’d like to say that getting off the clock is nice and something I’m willing to pay for now.

And because I am free to wander today, I spent some time roaming around the hotel farm, chasing around the ducks and chickens and petting sheep and goats. It may sound simple, but wandering refreshed me, made my day longer, and made me excited to return to work.

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