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On playing mobile games

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I grew up playing digital games in the 2000s up until high school. Some games I used to play are Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Sims. I don’t just spend an hour or two playing these games. I play for hours and even in unfavorable conditions like traveling — you might even tag me as a kid who is almost always in front of a screen.

Then during my last year in college, I was hooked on finishing Tomb Raider at the peak of our thesis writing. Then, during my masters (and yes, during my thesis writing, too — such a stressful time), I was hooked on playing Gardenscapes and Final Fantasy on the web browser.

And recently, I tried the gaming experience on my tablet with the State of Survival: Zombie War. Overnight, I already developed an unhealthy habit of structuring my day around it (just like I had when I am getting too involved with a game), that I had to force myself to uninstall the game on the third day.

Playing online games now that I’m almost thirty, I felt a combination of things like, “Why am I allowing this to be the center of my day?” “I have better things to do than play this game right now.

And it was timely that I stumbled upon this Twitter thread that helped me reassess why I’m spending so many hours and late nights on an online game.

Here are some checks you might want to look into:

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