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Laziness, cooking, and climate change

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Why do things feel challenging to do when you are simply lazy to try new things?

I keep thinking about how I never used to cook, and my usual excuse would be, “I don’t know how.” But, of course, one wouldn’t know unless they’d learn, right?

When you are lazy, everything feels inconvenient. Lazy people could even starve themselves and wait for the pangs of hunger to become unbearable before actually ordering food online. Even with resources available, I still did not cook because I was too lazy to do it. So food deliveries are a relief.

But thinking about the carbon emitted from every food delivery, on top of the carbon released in making the food I ordered, I find myself a hypocrite. My actions simply don’t align with my goal of helping address climate change (even in small ways).

Well, there are things that I couldn’t do away with (yet) because it’s the only thing that makes economic sense at the moment, such as taking a flight from my hometown to metro manila. So yes, there are still things that I can’t do away with. But that doesn’t mean I should keep ordering online instead of cooking the food myself, especially when I could buy the ingredients I need by walking a block away.

What are the small actions you’re taking to help address climate change?