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Time away from work

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Your downtime is for resting, having fun, and disengaging from work. We need time away from work to be good and efficient at it.

Dr. Anna Clemens

But sometimes, resting and having fun for me means reading a book or catching up with my favorite podcast and picking up where I left off from an online course.

Other times, resting and having fun means I spend the time catching up with family and friends, watching a movie, eating out, or sleeping in.

Especially when the work requires focused thinking, allowing my mind to wander gives me time to diffuse all the things I’ve been thinking about and let them build connections in my subconscious.

I remember this online course Learning How to Learn by Barbara Oakley which I took five years ago, where I learned the value of allowing my mind to wander.

But if you don’t have the extra time for an online course, you can watch this TEDx version: