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Creating new routines

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I told you before how transitions feel painful.

And can you imagine how energy- and mentally-intensive it is to create new routines and establish new habits?

But once you’ve crossed over that gap between what you’re used to and setting up new routines, a future of possibilities begins to roll out like a red carpet before you. You now embark on a new beginning.

And after a month of building a new life back in the metro (following a two-year break of establishing new habits as I lived back with my family), here’s my experience creating new routines.

It took me:

  • two days to blend in at the office
  • three days to figure out the basics I needed for my new place
  • a week to work out my transportation set up from home to the office and anywhere
  • two weeks to establish a routine with colleagues at work
  • three weeks to feel like I am back to my old self again (two years ago)
  • a month to finally get back to some of the routines I want to retain (like blogging daily)

I admit that my going through a transition disrupted how I used to do things around. Sure, it took away some habits that aren’t sustainable anymore with my new setup. But it also allowed me to create new ones and reinforce old ones (that are worth continuing, such as this blog.)

If you are going through a transition, the shock will eventually die out, and you’ll feel like your usual self again. Just do the diligence to get yourself back on track once you figure out how you should live your life in your new environment.

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