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I can still see the shadows of COVID-19.

Although most people I know are already vaccinated and even had their booster shots, some still contract the virus for various reasons.

But look where we are now, three years into the pandemic. We have evolved the way we work and organize our lives. Can you still remember being cut off from your families because of government-imposed lockdowns?

Now that we’re free, our yearning to explore the world created a media buzzword: revenge travel. No one can stop us from going to places now.

But going back to the first year of the pandemic, when we still didn’t know how to carry on with our lives, scientists who have spent their lives studying a cure for coronaviruses became ready just when COVID-19 changed how we do life. Talk about divine timing!

To know more about these scientists who helped us bounce back from the pandemic, watch this video: The Miracle Workers: The Scientists Behind The COVID-19 Vaccine.

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