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Internships and looking forward

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When I was still a kid, passing by through power susbstations, I remember how I used to wonder what I should become as an adult to access such facilities. Then eight years ago, I had my first internship at a national grid and was fascinated by the machines and the electronics that make it. I finally had the access I only used to dream of.

And it wasn’t just about getting in there. It’s also about meeting and working with the people who keep it functioning as it should be. Learning from them as they get better at the mundane task of monitoring (except when the alarm system blares when one of the circuit breakers opens due to whatever reason), I realized that finding your place at work isn’t always about feeling that rush and thrill of doing something new. It’s also about settling down so you can build your life at something predictable.

Often, you have to settle down to see progress.

But I am writing this not solely about my internship experience. I am writing because some interns reminded me how nostalgic it feels to say goodbye to everyone as your internship ends.

As they bid farewell to each of us, I saw myself in them, saying goodbye to another phase and moving on to a new world of possibilities.

Eight years forward, I am writing this to you, my dear reader, from a dim-lit room with just the fan whirring round and round. I am a working professional now, but still the same dreamer.

But it takes courage to make dreams happen and make moving forward to a better version of yourself a reality.

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