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Reunions are sweet and fragrant

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It’s incredible how, even after you left a place for years, it feels like you never left the moment you came back.

Everything felt the same except the faces that see you, often surprised that you’re back, longing to catch up with you. Their warm welcome will remind you that there has been a before- and an after-you-left gap you must fill and cross over.

Do you want to nurture the relationships you had from where you left off? Then you must reconnect with them, perhaps through a smile, a hello, or a tight embrace, and ask them how they are doing. You’ll be surprised by what you’d hear. But the best thing is you’d be renewing the connection you used to have with them. It would be as if you never left.

Goodbyes become sweeter this time, too, because you’d know that you’ll see them again.