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You’ll know when it’s time to move forward

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After almost two years back in my home, where I spent my childhood, I’ve already built a routine that allowed me to get through the pandemic. Dolly helped me realize that I don’t always have to always work in a rush, that I’d only be able to appreciate what’s around me when I pause and be in the moment.

Two years. The length of time convinced me that home is where I should be. But life had other plans for me, and the Lord knows where I should be going. So I’d say He’d orchestrated things and led me on my paths that I may walk to where I’m supposed to be.

Can you imagine how painful transitions are?

Because you have to leave behind something that you think is you. Your life now, the status quo, the business as usual. It’s easy to be caught up with the mundane day-to-day busyness and lose sight of what you could become.

To be who you’re supposed to be, you have to get out of and break free from what’s keeping you from doing just that.

And breaking free from your comfortable routines takes a lot of thinking until you arrive at a decision, a point of no return. Then, you’ll know when it’s time to go.

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