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Hosting parties during the time of COVID-19

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With protocols loosening up in the face of the decreasing COVID-related cases in the country, I sometimes forget it’s out there (still) inflicting people.

And now that we can finally attend and even host parties, the fears of COVID are slowly jumping out of our thoughts. But what’s fascinating is how we’re getting used to only removing our masks when eating during parties and putting them back on when we’re done. However, when you are at a party attended by people you know, not putting back your mask on doesn’t seem to be a concern anymore.

I just miss breathing fresh air while enjoying the party with people I already know. Are you in the same boat as me?

I’d be forever grateful for all the people who worked hard to mass-produce the vaccines, allowing us to do parties now.

Yes, COVID-19 has a face. But now, I can finally see the faces of people returning to a life that doesn’t only strive to survive, but a life that dreams and creates–and do parties.

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