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Caught up in an emotional trap

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been asked to listen to an emotional state you never intended to be a part of (as of the moment)?

It was a tough time for me, especially when I was about to travel to another city.

Why now? Why me?

But sometimes, people are selfish. They want to be heard not because they want you to do something about what troubles them but to leverage your presence and inflict pain on others. They are greedy for whatever it’s worth to unload their internal baggage. They don’t care if you feel trashy afterward. All they care was that they’re finally able to share some burden with you, even if you never welcomed it in the first place.

Perhaps, it would have been better if they wanted you to do something about what pains them.

But selfish people never really want you to say something about the matter. It actually pisses them off if you say anything at all. They just want you to shut up and expect you to agree with everything they say.

It’s challenging to be caught up in an emotional trap laid out by a selfish person. Especially when you were not asked if you mind at all.

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