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Wandering can alter how you relate to time

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Have you ever noticed how you could spend the same eight hours differently?

From The Wander Society:

When we repeat the same activities day in and day out, we limit our ability to have new experiences. Over time our bodies, senses, and brains start to atrophy. Our world becomes smaller and smaller until we are living in a tiny little box.

While I was wandering around the Malagos Garden Resort, thinking about it now, I never really thought about the time. Instead, I simply let my mind wander where my feet would go.

Was it tiring? Well, only until it was time to go home. But while I was wandering, being in the moment with nature and in the presence of all the people who went there too, time went slowly. It was taking time like I did.

From The Wander Society:

The act of wandering has the effect of actually altering our consciousness. As you continue your practice of wandering, you will eventually gain more access to this elevated state. You will be able to experience the connectedness of all living things.

I wish I had the photos to show you, but I did not want to take myself away from the moment glued to my screen while seeing the great outdoors through the camera lens. Perhaps, when I go back there with the intention of taking photos, I’d be glad to show them to you.

Right now, I have the memory still vivid in my mind. Should it fade through time, let’s go back to wandering again.

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