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Emails and how to get rid of them

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Yes, you’re right. My emails are piling up. I used to play the inbox-zero card. But there are just days when I don’t feel like checking them. So let them all pile up as if I am in rebellion against the emails bombarding my everyday life. Even those emails sent in the wee hours of the morning from people in the same time zone as I make me wonder what is running in their heads. Are they expecting me to respond to the email at two o’clock or even three in the morning?

In the case of intentional subscriptions and spam, I even find myself automatically deleting emails. So if you find yourself in this conundrum, you might liberate yourself from this endless loop by hitting that unsubscribe button.

Since high school, I’ve been using email and learned how to label them properly eight years after. And with mobile devices left and right, emails are becoming an everyday noise. Sometimes, I wonder what life is without emails.

From Confessions of an Information Hoarder:

Here’s Gmail’s creator describing the state of email on the occasion of his product’s 10-year anniversary:

The problem with email now is that the social conventions have gotten very bad. There’s a 24/7 culture, where people expect a response. It doesn’t matter that it’s Saturday at 2 a.m.—people think you’re responding to email. People are no longer going on vacation. People have become slaves to email. It’s not a technical problem. It can’t be solved with a computer algorithm. It’s more of a social problem.

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